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Solutions for KMO's

Effective risk management plays a crucial part in securing KMO environments with limited IT capacity. Just like having an accountant, insurance broker or doctor, organizations nowadays require a security partner to guide them towards effective coverage for avoiding potential losses.


Our risk management solution helps your organization to Identify, improve & prepare for potential losses as a result of hacking.


Calculate impact

from hacking

We help you understand the digital crown jewels of your company and the consequences you will face if they become temporarily unavailable, damaged, stolen or destroyed.


Improve digital company habits

We identify poor digital habits and teach you new habits to improve your digital maturity. We ensure that company management & employees have the appropriate knowledge to keep your sensitive systems reliable. 


Increase your

cyber resiliance 

We strenghten your IT configurations (e.g. Office 365) & processes to minimize the most important risks for your business. This will allow you to increase the resilience of your company and become prepared for any case of digital emergency.

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