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Solutions for entreprises

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a methodology that looks at risk management strategically from the perspective of the entire organization.

It is a top-down strategy that aims to identify, assess, and prepare for losses, dangers, hazards, and other potentials for harm that may interfere with an organization's operations and objectives.


On-premise & cloud architecture 

Maintain a mature security posture by leveraging best-practises relevant to the services and infrastructure used by the organization.


Development, security, and operations (DevSecOps)

Integrate security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle. Approach programming culture, automation and platform design with resilience.


Identity & access management (IAM)

Combine technology and processes to ensure that the right people have access to the right digital resources for the right reasons at any point in time.


Log monitoring

Ensure that your records are stored correctly for an appropriate amount of time. Perform routine log analysis, identify security incidents, fraudulent activity, and operational problems


Environment analysis

Analyse your security posture in order to understand where you are in your cybersecurity maturity journey. Evaluate the risk indicators of a certain project or environment.


Project management

Provide skilled project managers that will significantly reduce the workload of cybersecurity related projects. We combine risk-, change and communication management with project management frameworkds such as Prince2, PMP, Waterfall and agile.

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